The “Ungrateful” Book Trailer

My brother and I collaborated on my book trailer, and it turned out amazing! This trailer truly embodied the mood and aesthetic of the novel. My brother, Ken Nelson Jr., is an award-winning filmmaker and editor, with an even more impressive resume. You can learn more about his work at

As I was writing my novel…

...I was also writing my graduate thesis. 😱😭 I had started writing the novel (which was probably the fifth or sixth freakin' rewrite) back in 2020. That was a lot. But I did it. 🥳🎉 So, I'm sharing the graduate thesis that I have written and finished this past summer. The major theme of my... Continue Reading →

Ungrateful – Now Available on Amazon & Barnes and Noble

Alimah Kebede, a singer-songwriter, breaks barriers in alternative rock with chart-topping hits and high-grossing tours, at the cost of losing her sanity—and almost her life. Inspired by Me Too and its international impact, “Ungrateful” is a tale of a young Black woman’s spiritual battle against drug addiction, racism, and a sexually abusive CEO of a record label.

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